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Desert Tropicals is NOT a nursery, we do not sell plants
It is just a site intended to provide free information on many plants including some rare ones.

We have been spending a lot of energy on a new website, more focused on Arizona gardening.  You could go and have a look at

We do sell CDs with plant information.  These CDs help supporting the site.  You can buy them online here, or find them in some nurseries and garden center. has 4 CD-ROMs for sale.

In the Phoenix area, you can buy the CD-ROMs at:

In Great Britain, you can buy the Cacti and Succulents Encyclopedia CD-ROM at:

In Mexico, you can buy the Cacti and Succulents Encyclopedia CD-ROM at:
Natura Garden Center
Carretera Transpeninsular Km.32
San José del Cabo B.C.S.
C.P. 23400   Mexico


Where to find the largest selection of palmtrees in Phoenix
The best choice in Phoenix is Pacific Palms Nursery. They are mostly a wholesale nursery, but they also sell to individuals. They have almost 40 species of palms and cycads in a large variety of sizes.

Where to find the largest choice of tropical plants and fruitrees in Phoenix
Alex*s Tropica-L Mango Rare Fruit Nursery.

Use the Bulletin Board
Most of the questions posted get answered in 2-3 days (okay... sometimes 4-5 if I am out of town, maybe longer if I didn't see the question), and that's an occasion for you to be helpful and give answers to other people questions.


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