Rhapis laosensis
Scientific Name: Rhapis laosensis
Rhapis laosensis

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Min. Temperature: 32F (0C)
Water Requirements: Regular water
Sun Requirements: Light shade to shade
Leaf: Palmate,

. laosensis, a species from Laos is reportedly grown in the U.S. and possibly Japan where, in the latter, possibly as a supposed variety of R. excelsa. This species may grow to 2 metres and has multiple slender stems covered in fine fibrous leaf sheaths, similar to R. subtilis. The light shining green palmate leaves usually have three leaflet segments, that may be up to 250mm long and 60mm wide. Its leaflets are thin in section, multi ribbed, pointed and tends to droop at the ends. Leaf stalks are up to 350mm in length and are slender. The inflorescence emerges from within the foliage and is finely branched. As all plants in cultivation in the U.S.A. are said to be female, little is known about the fruits. R. laosensis appears to require similar cultural practices to R. sublilis.

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