Sentry Palm
Scientific Name: Howea belmoreana (T. Moore & F. Muell.) Becc.
Howea belmoreana

Size: Slowly up to 35 feet tall (10 m) 15 feet in diameter (4.5 m)
Min. Temperature: 28F (-2C)
Water Requirements: Regular water, withstands low humidity
Sun Requirements: Light shade to shade
Origin: Lord Howe Island, eastern Australia
Germination: Must be fresh, generally erratic.
Leaf: Pinnate, 20 to 24 leaves with 80 leaflets raising upward., 6 feet long (1.8 m). 4 to 5 feet long petioles.
Trunk: No crownshaft, Gray with rings, 6 inches in diameter (15 cm).
Flower: Separate male and female flowers on the same inflorescence.. Flower stalk coming from below the leaves, 3 feet long. single spike.
Fruit: yellow green turning brown when ripe. 1.2 inch long (3 cm). oval, pointed at both ends.
Seed: oval.

Howea belmoreana is more susceptible to mites and grows more slowly than H. forsteriana is. For these reasons, H. forsteriana is less common commercially.

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