Andean Wax Palm
Scientific Name: Ceroxylon quindiuense (H. Karst.) H. Wendl.
Ceroxylon quindiuense

Size: Up to 200 feet (60 m)
Min. Temperature: 25F (-4C)
Water Requirements: Regular water
Sun Requirements: Light shade
Origin: Columbia
Germination: Use fresh seed, well cleaned, rince wth a weak bleach solution, and apply fungicide regularly.
Leaf: Pinnate, horizontal to slightly ascending leaves, green above, yellowish green thickly tomentose below. 150 to 200 leaflets regularly arranged in the same plane.,
Trunk: Gray, covered with wax in adults., Up to 16 inches in diameter (40 cm).
Flower: Flower stalk coming from among the leaves.
Fruit: Orange red when ripe. 3/4 inches in diameter (2 cm). round, smooth.
Seed: 0.5 inches in diameter (1.2 cm).

The word 'Ceroxylon' joins the Latine name for 'wax', and the Greek name for 'wood' Mixing the languages is generally frowned upon.
Extracting the wax was an important activity last century. The wax was used locally to make candles. The Andean Wax Palm is the national tree of Columbia.

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