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Turbinicarpus schmiedickeanus ssp. rioverdensis
Scientific Name: Turbinicarpus schmiedickeanus ssp. rioverdensis (G. Frank) J. Lthy
Synonym: Turbinicarpus sp., Turbinicarpus rioverdensis
Family: Cactaceae
Listed in CITES Appendix 1
Frost Tolerance: Hardy to 25F (-4C) for a short period

Minimum Avg. Temperature: 55F (12C)

Sun Exposure: Light shade to part sun

Origin: Mexico (San Luis Potosi: Rio Verde)

Growth Habits: Generally solitary, mate green stem 0.6 inch tall (1.5 cm), 1 to 1.4 inches in diameter (2.5-3.5 cm), very flat tubercles; young areoles woolly, later bare; no central spine; 1 to 3 cream colored spines, often contorted, up to 0.5 inch long (1.2 cm)

Watering Needs:


A T. schwarzii Shurly, corpore magis applanato, spinis validioribus, brevioribus et ochraceis, valde curvatis, floribus majoribus clare albis, seminibus apice (regione hilimicropylesque) bilobatis et testae cellulis rotundis differt. Corpus solitarius, semiglobosus, supra terram applanatus, usque ad 35 mm crassus, usque ad 15 mm altus, in radice napiformi transiens. Costae indistinctes, dissolutae in mamillis rhomboideis applanatis; epidermis opaca, subviridis. Areolae rotundae, juveniles in vertice cum tomento albo, adultae glabrae. Spinae (1-) 2 (-3), centrales absentes, e parte inferiori areolae orientes, usque ad 12 mm longae, rigidae, tortuosae, ochraceae. Flores e vertice orientes, late infundibuliformes, 25 mm longi, 25 mm lati. Pericarpellum globosum, circa 4 mm diametiens, flavoviride. Receptaculum infundibuliforme, extus viride, transiens in folia exterioria perianthii. Folia exteriora perianthii tenuiter lanceolata, alba, dorso cum stria centralis brunneoviridis,, interiora lanceolata, alba. Stamina in seriebus compluribus in receptaculo in altitudine variabili inserta; filamenta alba, antherae luteae. Stylus circa 10 mm longus, albus, stigma divisum in 6-7 ramos, pallide roseum. Fructus ovatus, 7x5 mm, immaturus viridis, maturus flavo-brunnescens, longitudinaliter dehiscens. Semen obtuse piriformis, circa 1,2 mm longum et 0,8 mm latum, regione hilimicropyles declinata, apice bilobatum; testa nigra, nitida, tuberculis rotundis convexis obtecta, apicem versus tuberculis multo minimus convexis .

Blooming Habits:
White flowers at the top of the stem, outside petals with greenish mid-stripes, 1 inch in diameter (25 mm)

Fruiting Habits:

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