Grusonia includes species of opuntioids that are or have been included in the genera Micropuntia, Marenopuntia and Corynopuntia. They have cylindrical or club shaped segments. Grusonia differs from Cylindropuntia by the lack of papery sheaths on the spines. All these species are native from southwestern USA and northwestern Mexico, including Baja California.

Species and varieties
Grusonia aggeria (Big Bend Prickly Pear)
Grusonia agglomerata
Grusonia bradtiana (Viejo, Organillo)
Grusonia bulbispina
Grusonia clavata
Grusonia dumetorum
Grusonia emoryi (Devil Cholla, Stanly's Club Cholla)
Grusonia grahamii
Grusonia invicta
Grusonia kunzei (Devil Cholla)
Grusonia marenae
Grusonia moelleri
Grusonia parishii (Parish Cholla, Ground Mat Cholla)
Grusonia pulchella (Dwarf Cholla)
Grusonia reflexispina
Grusonia schottii
Grusonia vilis
Grusonia cereiformis synonym of Grusonia bradtiana (Viejo, Organillo)
Grusonia hamiltonii synonym of Cylindropuntia californica (California Prickly Pear)
Grusonia santamaria synonym of Cylindropuntia santamaria
Grusonia stanlyi synonym of Grusonia emoryi (Devil Cholla, Stanly's Club Cholla)
Grusonia wrightiana synonym of Grusonia kunzei (Devil Cholla)

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