Eriosyce used to be a very little genus. It now includes Chileorebutia, Delaetia, Horridocactus, Islaya, Neochilenia, Neoporteria, Pyrrhocactus, Rodentiophila, and Thelocephala. All the species still come from Chile, and vary in shape from globular to shortly columnar. The name 'Eriosyce' comes from the Greek for woolly 'fruit'.

Many of the species have a tap root, and most are rot prone, and particularly the dwarf species. The potting soil used should have an excellent drainage. They generally take some frost for a short period of time.

Species and varieties
Eriosyce aerocarpa
Eriosyce andreaeana
Eriosyce aspillagae
Eriosyce aurata (Sandillón)
Eriosyce aurata var. spinibarbis
Eriosyce aurata 'ihotzkyanae'
Eriosyce bulbocalyx
Eriosyce chilensis var. albidiflora
Eriosyce chilensis var. chilensis
Eriosyce confinis
Eriosyce crispa
Eriosyce crispa var. atroviridis
Eriosyce crispa var. carrizalensis
Eriosyce crispa var. huascensis
Eriosyce crispa var. totoralensis
Eriosyce curvispina
Eriosyce curvispina var. aconcaguensis
Eriosyce curvispina var. armata
Eriosyce curvispina var. choapensis
Eriosyce curvispina var. mutabilis
Eriosyce curvispina var. odoriflora
Eriosyce curvispina var. robusta
Eriosyce curvispina var. tuberisulcata
Eriosyce curvispina 'mammillarioides'
Eriosyce engleri
Eriosyce esmeraldana
Eriosyce garaventae
Eriosyce heinrichiana
Eriosyce heinrichiana var. setosiflora
Eriosyce heinrichiana ssp. intermedia
Eriosyce heinrichiana ssp. simulans
Eriosyce islayensis
Eriosyce krausii
Eriosyce kunzei (Cunze)
Eriosyce kunzei var. transitensis
Eriosyce kunzei 'multicolor'
Eriosyce laui
Eriosyce limariensis
Eriosyce marksiana
Eriosyce marksiana var. gracilis
Eriosyce marksiana var. lissocarpa
Eriosyce napina
Eriosyce napina ssp. lembckei var. duripulpa
Eriosyce napina ssp. lembckei var. lembckei
Eriosyce occulta
Eriosyce odieri
Eriosyce odieri var. monte-amargensis
Eriosyce odieri ssp. fulva
Eriosyce odieri ssp. glabrescens
Eriosyce omasensis
Eriosyce recondita
Eriosyce recondita ssp. iquiquensis
Eriosyce rodentiophila
Eriosyce sandillon
Eriosyce senilis
Eriosyce senilis ssp. coimasensis
Eriosyce senilis ssp. elquiensis
Eriosyce sociabilis
Eriosyce strausiana
Eriosyce strausiana var. pachacoensis
Eriosyce subgibbosa var. castanea
Eriosyce subgibbosa var. clavata
Eriosyce subgibbosa var. litoralis
Eriosyce subgibbosa var. nigrihorrida
Eriosyce subgibbosa var. subgibbosa
Eriosyce subgibbosa var. vallenarensis
Eriosyce subgibbosa var. wagenknechtii
Eriosyce taltalensis var. pygmaea
Eriosyce taltalensis ssp. echinus
Eriosyce taltalensis ssp. echinus var. floccosa
Eriosyce taltalensis ssp. paucicostata
Eriosyce taltalensis ssp. pilispina
Eriosyce taltalensis ssp. taltalensis
Eriosyce tenebrica
Eriosyce umadeave
Eriosyce vertongenii
Eriosyce villicumensis
Eriosyce villosa (Quisco Peludo)
Eriosyce algarrobensis synonym of Eriosyce aurata (Sandillón)
Eriosyce ausseliana synonym of Eriosyce aurata (Sandillón)
Eriosyce ceratistes synonym of Eriosyce aurata (Sandillón)
Eriosyce ihotzkanae synonym of Eriosyce aurata (Sandillón)
Eriosyce korethroides synonym of Echinopsis korethroides
Eriosyce lampapaensis synonym of Eriosyce aurata (Sandillón)
Eriosyce odieri ssp. glabrescens synonym of Eriosyce odieri ssp. glabrescens
Eriosyce sandillon synonym of Eriosyce aurata (Sandillón)
Eriosyce setosiflora var. dimorpha synonym of Eriosyce heinrichiana ssp. intermedia
Eriosyce spinibarbis synonym of Eriosyce aurata var. spinibarbis

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