Disocactus is a genus containing epiphytic cactus from Mexico to South America. It now includes all the species from the genera Aporocactus, Bonifazia, Chiapasia, Heliocereus, Lobeira, Nopalxochia, Pseudonopalxochia, and Wittia.

Species and varieties
Disocactus ackermannii
Disocactus ackermannii var. conzattianus
Disocactus amazonicus
Disocactus aurantiacus
Disocactus biformis
Disocactus cinnabarinus
Disocactus eichlamii
Disocactus flagelliformis (Rat Tail Cactus)
Disocactus kimnachii
Disocactus macdougallii
Disocactus macranthus
Disocactus martianus
Disocactus 'Moennighoffii'
Disocactus nelsonii
Disocactus phyllanthoides
Disocactus quezaltecus
Disocactus schrankii
Disocactus 'Smithii'
Disocactus speciosus (Santa Marta, Pitaya de Cerro)
Disocactus acuminatus synonym of Pseudorhipsalis acuminata
Disocactus alatus synonym of Pseudorhipsalis alata
Disocactus himantocladus synonym of Pseudorhipsalis himantoclada
Disocactus horichii synonym of Pseudorhipsalis horichii
Disocactus lankesteri synonym of Pseudorhipsalis lankesteri
Disocactus ramulosus synonym of Pseudorhipsalis ramulosa
Disocactus speciosus synonym of Disocactus speciosus (Santa Marta, Pitaya de Cerro)
Disocactus 'Williamsonii' synonym of Disocactus 'Moennighoffii'

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