Species and varieties
Justicia 'Julie'
Justicia brandegeana (Shrimp Plants)
Justicia californica (Chuparosa)
Justicia candicans (Arizona Water Willow, Red Justicia)
Justicia fulvicoma (Mexican Plume)
Justicia ovata (Looseflower Water Willow)
Justicia runyonii (Runyon's Waterwillow)
Justicia secunda
Justicia spicigera (Mexican Honeysuckle, Orange Plume Flower)

List of Synonyms
Justicia carnea see: Jacobinia carnea
Justicia coccinea see: Pachystachys coccinea
Justicia ghiesbreghtiana see: Justicia spicigera
Justicia lutea see: Pachystachys lutea
Justicia lutea see: Pachystachys coccinea
Justicia resupinata see: Dicliptera resupinata
Justicia suberecta see: Dicliptera suberecta

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