Slender Lady Palm
Scientific Name: Rhapis humilis Blume
Rhapis humilis

Size: Up to 20 feet (6 m).
Min. Temperature: 21F (-6C)
Water Requirements: Regular water
Sun Requirements: Light shade to shade
Origin: Unknown
Leaf: Palmate, Up to twelve dull dark green leaflets per leaf.,
Trunk: clustering Trunk covered with brown fibers.,
Flower: All the plants in cultivation are male..

R. humilis is similar to R. excelsa but canes-are thinner, although not as slender as R. subtilis. Canes of R. humilis are also taller than canes of other Rhapis species, being up to 6 metres tall with each covered with fine closely clasping fibres. Leaves are of similar size to R. excelsa but are divided into more segments. Leaves are thin in section and have pointed tips that gently droop, imparting a very graceful look to this palm. All known cultivated plants are males, hence all plants have come from vegetative offset propagation. Rhapis humilis resents hot dry weather. In summer, mist the foliage regularly.

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