Senegal Date Palm
Scientific Name: Phoenix reclinata Jacq.
Phoenix reclinata

Size: Fast growing up to 25 feet tall (7.5 m).
Min. Temperature: 20F (-6C)
Water Requirements: Moderate water
Sun Requirements: Full sun
Origin: Equatorial Africa
Germination: Easily and quickly
Leaf: Pinnate, Orange colored leaf stem bases.
Trunk: clustering No crownshaft, slim, with remnant of petioles, and diamond shaped scars,
Flower: Dioecious.. Flower stalk coming from among the leaves.
Fruit: Brown. 0.75 inch long (2 cm). Oval.
Seed: 0.5 inch long (1.2 cm). oblong, rounded end, groove along one side in typical Phoenix fashion.

Will start suckering and blooming early.

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