True Date Palm
Scientific Name: Phoenix dactylifera L.
Phoenix dactylifera

Size: Up to 80 feet tall (24 m). Up to 25 feet in diameter (7.5 m)
Min. Temperature: 18░F (-8░C)
Water Requirements: Moderate water
Sun Requirements: Full sun
Origin: North Africa To Arabia
Germination: Germinates easily, easy and inexpensive to getů a good seed to experiment with.
Leaf: Pinnate, Gray green leaves,
Trunk: clustering No crownshaft, Up to 12 inches in diameter (30 cm).
Flower: Dioecious.. Flower stalk coming from among the leaves.
Fruit: Reddish brown. Up to 3 inches.. Oval to oblong.
Seed: brown. Up to 2 inches long. oval with pointed ends, and a groove on one side..

The tree very often recovers if the leaves have been killed by hard frosts. The fruits are the dates of commerce. The Date Palms produce a quantity of suckers that are generally removed to leave only the main trunk. Suckers can be planted. Date palms are dioecious, if you want fruits, make sure you plant a female tree, and make sure that there is a male tree nearby.

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