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The Art of South Florida Gardening : A Unique Guide to Planning, Planting, and Making Your Subtropical Garden Grow
by Harold Songdahl, Coralee Leon (Contributor), George Curtis (Illustrator), Pineapple Pr; ISBN: 1561640883
Gardeners from Key West to Lake Okeechobee and on up the coasts to cape Canaveral and Tampa Bay know that gardening for the rest of the country just doesn't apply here. South Florida is unique, and The Art of South Florida Gardening is uniquely intended for South Florida Gardeners.

Avocado, Banana, Coffee : How to Grow Useful Exotic Plants for Fun
by Heinz Jenuwein, ASIN: 0565010409
This book is currently out of print.

Balinese Gardens
by Luca Invernizzi, William Warren, Luca I. Tettoni (Photographer), Thames & Hudson; ISBN: 0500016801
Very few books are available giving information on the Balinese style of gardening. This is strange as flowers and gardens are so much part of the Balinese culture. Balinese Gardens, text by William Warren and others and wonderful photographs taken by Luca Invernizzi Tettoni, is a perfect coffee table book.

by Christine Recht, Max F. Wetterwald (Contributor), David Crampton (Editor), Walters, Timber Pr; ISBN: 0881922684
This book provides all the information gardeners need to successfully plant and grow bamboos, as well as an encyclopedia of species particularly suited for the garden, including dwarf, frost-resistant, and non-invasive varieties. Other fascinating topics are also covered, including bamboo's cultural influence in Asia, morphology, species characteristics, cultivars, and uses of the plant and its products, including a handful of recipes.

The Bamboos
by Floyd A. McClure, Richard Haubrich, Smithsonian Institution Press; ISBN: 156098323X

Betrocks Guide to Landscape Palms
by Allen Meerow, Betrock Information Systems, Inc.; ISBN: 0962976113
Betrock's Guide to Landscape palms has very complete and accurate information about landscape palms. It has good coverage of the palms which can be grown in the tropical and sub-tropical areas of the United States; ie. Southern California and Florida. Very well laid out with good color photos.

The Book of Bamboo
by David Farrelly, Sierra Club Books; ISBN: 087156825X
Now available once again with a new preface by the author, The Book of Bamboo introduces us to the oldest, most remarkable resource on the planet. Part catalog, part history, The Book of Bamboo shows us how this versatile wood, which is both sustainable and plentiful, has been used for thousands of years to make items ranging from things needed for survival like clothing and housing to more exotic and luxurious objects like phonograph needles and children's toys, as well as dozens of others. With information both practical and wistful, David Farrelly tells us about the plant's biology and life cycle, gives tips on harvesting and planting, and lore about the ancient wood. Farrelly conveys the rich and timeless message that bamboo -- strong, flexible, and beautiful in both its natural and its finished states is an abundant resource that could beneficially replace many of the less sustainable materials now commonly used in many aspects of our daily lives and transform our culture in the process

Complete Guide to Florida Gardening
by Stan Defreitas, Taylor Pub; ISBN: 0878335722
There are many books on Florida gardening and this is one of the best. Technical enough yet informative for the layman. If you only have one book on Florida gardening, you can't beat this one for the price.

Exotic Tropicals of Hawaii : Heliconias, Gingers, Anthuriums and Decorative Foliage
by Angela Kay Kepler, Jacob R. Mau (Photographer)
, Mutual Pub Co; ISBN: 0935180834

Field Guide to the Palms of the Americas
by Andrew Henderson, Gloria Galeano (Contributor), Rodrigo Bernal (Contributor), Princeton Univ Pr; ISBN: 0691016003
This excellently produced guide is a model of its kind, not only in providing keys and description for field taxonomists, but also in containing a wealth of information on the ecology, distribution, and economic uses of this important group of tropical and subtropical plants.

The Florida Gardener's Guide
by Georgia Tasker, Tom Maccubbin, Cool Springs Press; ISBN: 1888608315
From the publisher, Cool Springs Press , August 21, 1998
Great book for specific information on Florida gardening.
The Florida Gardener's Guide contains specific information on 200 plants and is the definitive Florida gardening book. It is an easy to follow guide on what, when, where and how to plant and care for plants that grow best in Florida. The book references plants by the region in which they grow, their common and botanical names, and even has a full color section including photos of each plant featured in the book. Gardening in northern Florida is different from gardening in the southern regions and this is also taken into account. The Florida Gardener's Guide is perfect for newcomers to the state as well as natives, new gardeners and those with experience. Pick this book up and grow the garden you always wanted.

Florida Gardening : Newcomer's Survival Manual
by Monica Moran Brandies, B. B. Mackey Books; ISBN: 0961633832
From the publisher, B.B. Mackey Books ( , December 25, 1996
If you've just moved to Florida, you're going to need help with your garden! All the rules are different, but here is help from Florida gardener and sympathetic person Monica Brandies. This book tells how to prepare for the move, make a landscape plan, adjust seasonal chores to the Florida climate, use the right lawn grass, choose exotic plants, and grow flowers, vegetables, fruit, and shrubs. It's an enjoyable book and a shortcut to having a successful garden in spite of the sandbox soil and upside down garden year of Florida. -- Betty Mackey, Publisher

Fruits of Tropical and Subtropical Origin : Composition, Properties, Uses
by Steven Nagy (Editor), Philip E. Shaw (Editor), wi Wardowski, Agscience; ISBN: 0944961002

Gardening in the Tropics
by Ivan Enoch (Contributor), R. E. Holttum, Timber Pr; ISBN: 0881923095
A wealth of information for gardeners in the tropics.

The Handbook of Plumeria Culture (Flowering Tropicals for American Gardens Series)
by Richard Eggenberger
, Tropical Plant Specialists; ISBN: 0964322404
The definitive book on growing and flowering plumerias (Frangipani or Hawaiian Lei Flower) in all areas of the U.S. Special attention is given to every aspect of culture including soil, water and fertilizer requirements, growing plants in containers, overwintering and much, much more.

Harry Oakman's What Flowers When : The Complete Guide to Flowering Times in Tropical and Subtropical Gardens
by Harry Oakman, Univ of Queensland Pr; ISBN: 0702228397

The Hawaii Garden : Tropical Exotics by Horace Freestone Clay, James C. Hubbard, Univ of Hawaii Pr; ISBN: 0824811275

Heliconia : An Identification Guide by Fred Berry, W. John Kress (Contributor), Smithsonian Institution Press; ISBN: 1560980079
This is the book for those wanting information on heliconias. hundreds of color photographs make for easy identification. the book also describes care, hybridization and related subjects regarding heliconias.

Herbs and Spices for Florida Gardens : How to Grow and Enjoy Florida Plants With Special Uses
by Monica Moran Brandies, B. B. Mackey Books; ISBN: 0961633867
From the publisher, B.B. Mackey Books ( , July 31, 1997
For Florida gardeners!
I have published several books by Monica Brandies, and each one is filled with information presented in a most readable manner. This book may be her most amazing. She tells how Florida gardeners can grow many kinds of herbs and spices in Florida, traditional ones such as parsley, oregano, chives, thyme, and basil, and rare spices and exotic choices such as culinary ginger, neem, bay laurel, and Cuban oregano.

Landscape Plants for Subtropical Climates
by Bijan Dehgan, University Press of Florida; ISBN: 0813016274
From the publisher, University Press of Florida, , March 5, 1999
From Florida to California and on to Hawaii, gardeners who want a current, thorough, and user-friendly guide to the common indoor foliage and outdoor landscape plants for U.S. Department of Agriculture zones 8,9,10, and 11 will welcome this fully illustrated book.
Line drawings for nearly 500 plant species, descriptions of each of the families, essential identifying features, and horticultural information for each plant -as well as a comprehensive glossary of terms and a cross-referenced index of common and scientific names - make this THE landscape plant workbook for warm temperate, subtropical, and tropical climates, and for the cultivation of indoor exotics.
With 575 line drawings, glossary and index.

Palms : The New Compact Study Guide and Identifier
by Martin Gibbons, Book Sales; ISBN: 1555218377
Containing more than 120 commonly found species, each entry in this informative full-color guide lists guides to identification, trunk characteristics, origin, height, fruit description, seed description, cultivation details, and more.

Palms of South Florida
by George B. Stevenson, University Press of Florida; ISBN: 0813014417
For a reasonable price, this book is an excellent and detailed explanation of the confusing world of palm botany. It contains comprehensive, detailed drawings of the trees reviewed, although no picture.

Palms Throughout the World
by David L. Jones, John Dransfield, Smithsonian Institution Press; ISBN: 1560986166
Describes the distribution, biology, propagation, cultivation, and economic importance of 800 species of palms. Devotes more attention to the species that are most commonly grown, whether for food, fiber, or decoration. Highly illustrated, mostly with color photographs. Includes a glossary without pronunciation. Of interest to botanists, horticulturalists and enthusiasts. First published by Reed Books, Chatswood, NSW, Australia. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

Passion Flowers
by John Vanderplank, MIT Press; ISBN: 0262220520
Whatever your level of interest or curiosity, Vanderplank has provided the information for further exploration. Separate chapters explain the classification and structure of passion flowers, the legend and etymology, cultivation, propagation, hybridization, pests and diseases, and the unique interactions of butterflies and passion flowers. The bulk of the book provides detailed information on 100 taxa, including specific botanical descriptions, along with a narrative covering their discovery.

Subtropical Garden
by Jacquelyn Walker, Gil Hanly (Photographer), Jacqueline Walker, Timber Pr; ISBN: 0881923591
Walker describes a subtropical garden as one with luxuriant foliage, with form taking precedence over flowers, and lush in undergrowth and spiked above with palm or tree fern fronds. The term subtropical is used here not in the strict geographic sense but in reference to climates where the summers are warm and winters are mild and frost free. In a chapter called "Plant Architecture," Walker describes in detail such exotic plants as palms, bamboo, tree ferns, and flowering trees. Walker, who lives in New Zealand, also offers advice on growing a vast variety of climbing vines, shrubs, aroids, bromeliads, orchids, and water and bog plants. Adding to the book's interest are 197 color photographs by New Zealand garden photographer Gil Hanly. George Cohen

Thai Garden Style
by Luca Invernizzi Tettoni (Photographer), William Warren, Periplus Editions; ISBN: 9625931376
From Booklist
The people of Thailand are considered by many travelers to project an inner beauty, one that manifests itself in an exceedingly gracious and generous demeanor. Tettoni's photographs offer stunning panoramas, alluring vignettes, and detailed views of flowers and foliage that echo this notion as they attest to the serene, inviting atmosphere Thai gardens emanate. Warren's text describes 30 diverse settings that demonstrate the lush, fecund quality of garden style in the Bangkok area, the warm southern climes dominated by the sea, and more mountainous northerly locales. Warren, who has lived in Thailand for years and designed numerous gardens, has the irrepressible spirit of a zealous gardener. He devotes the book's final section to delightful reminiscences and to sharing planting and design ideas from his own fount of knowledge. Alice Joyce

Tropica : Color Cyclopedia of Exotic Plants and Trees from the Tropics and Subtropics
by Alfred B. Graf, Roehrs Co; ISBN: 0911266240
Over 7,000 (895 pages) color photographs. This will be a frequent photographic reference for any gardener, horticulturist or just plain plant lover. Some text about care and propagation of tropical plants. The author apparently is/was employed by the large international horticultural firm of Roehrs Company (New Jersey, USA, and Germany) and extensively traveled the world at its expense. Roehrs is also the book publisher. Many exotic plant photographs from Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Contains scientific and common names and plant descriptions.

The Tropical Garden
by William Warren, Luca Invernizzi Tettoni (Photographer), Luca Invernizzi, Thames & Hudson; ISBN: 0500017336
Full-color photographs and an informative text provide a close-up look at a rich diversity of gardens in Hawaii, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia, discussing the history, styles, special features, and botanical components of the various gardens. This handsome book can only inspire the wanderlust to leave immediately for Bali or Malaysia.


The Tropical Look : An Encyclopedia of Dramatic Landscape Plants
by Robert Lee Riffle, Timber Pr; ISBN: 0881924229
This book just received the American Horticultural Society's Garden Book of the Year Award. It's filled with over 400 color photos of tropical and tropical-looking plants from both coasts -- Lotusland in Santa Barbara, the Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek CA, the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden, Fairchild Tropical Garden in FL, David Fairchild's home in Coral Gables (The Kampong), Texas gardens and various other locations around the country and the world.

The plants are easily found in alphabetical order, first by genus and then by species (with nearly 5,000 species, cultivars and hybrids listed) and the pronounciation of each has been mercifully included. The encyclopedia portion of the book also includes the plant's family name, the plant's common name, the growing zone, light and moisture requirements, special considerations of the plants and how to propagate.

Tropical Plants : For Home and Garden
by William Warren, Luca Invernizzi Tettoni (Photographer), Luca Invernizzi, Thames & Hudson; ISBN: 0500017956
The author and photographer of The Tropical Garden, first published by Thames and Hudson in 1991, combine forces again in this book devoted to the presentation of flowers and plants native to the tropical area of the world--plants that are now also widely appreciated and cultivated in America. Tropical Plants is divided into flowering shrubs and annuals, foliage plants, ornamental trees, ornamental vines and creepers, palms and palm-like plants, exotics, water plants, ground covers, ferns and fernlike plants, and orchids. It functions as a guide, an aid to identification, and a horticultural survey. Tettoni's remarkable photography of plants and flowers meticulously observed and documented is the perfect instrument for capturing the beauty of plants and their backgrounds.

Tropical and Subtropical Fruits (Agriculture and Food Science)
by Philip E. Shaw (Editor), Harvey T. Chan (Editor), Steven Nagy (Editor), Agscience; ISBN: 0963139762

by Gordon Courtright, Timber Pr; ISBN: 088192332X
From the publisher, Timber Press ( , June 4, 1997
A pictorial guide to nearly 600 tropical plants
This pictorial encyclopedia illustrates more than 500 tropical trees, shrubs, and vines, showing mature plants in landscape settings. Each photograph is accompanied by a brief description indicating the plant's family and origin, dimensions, and common name. It is a perfect planning resource for gardeners in Hawaii, southern California, and Florida, and similar tropical or subtropical areas. And its use is not limited to tropical areas, as we sell copies almost everywhere in the world to greenhouse gardeners who grow these tender exotics under cover. It also serves as a carry-along companion for plant lovers who travel to the tropics and want a guide to identify the striking and unfamiliar plants they encounter, from the spectacular royal poinciana (Delonix regia) and Jacaranda mimosifolia to the weird baobab (Adansonia digitata) and travelers palm (Ravenala madagascariensis).

200 conspicuous, unusual, or economically important tropical plants of the Caribbean
by John Merriam Kingsbury
, Bullbrier Pr; ISBN: 0961261021
From a reader from ST THOMAS, VI USA
I have been planting two gardens,one at home and one at my son's school and I haven't been able to find any reference books as good as this one. It has helped immensely to determine the type of plant, where to plant it, history of the plant, colors, size, bushiness, and the origin of the plant. I wish I had had it when I started the landscaping and was very excited to find it to help me out with the rest of my work.

The Zone Garden : 8-9-10 a Surefire Guide to Gardening in Your Zone
by Charlotte M. Frieze, Joel Barkley (Illustrator), Michael H. Dodge (Photographer)
, Fireside; ISBN: 0684825619
For gardeners who live in climate zones 8, 9, or 10, this book is the first of its kind to guide you step by step in creating a garden that is sure to flourish in your zone. With a long growing season, strong sun, and mild winters in zones 8, 9, or 10, first-time gardeners and old pros alike will welcome this comprehensive guide that shows you how to plan your garden, put the right plants in the right place, and care for them according to their climatic needs.


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