Fig Tree Cuttings

This 4-year old fig tree has just lost its leaves, it is a good time to take cuttings

Several cuttings, about 18 inches long.

When you plant your cutting, verify that the orientation is correct.  The bud should be above the leaf scar.

Hardwood cutting of fig trees is the easiest way to propagate them. 

The technique is very similar to the grape cuttings.  Start with pieces of branches fresh from the tree.  In contrast to the grapes, it is better to use wood that is 2-3 years old.

A good size for the cuttings is 10 to 16 inches long (25-40 cm)

It is extremely important to identify which end of the cutting is supposed to be up, and which side is supposed to be down.  The best way to check is to look at one of the bud.  Just below the bud is a crescent shaped scar which is where the leaf was connected when the cutting was growing (see diagram).  Plant the cutting so that the scar is below the bud.  Cuttings planted upside down are unlikely to grow.

Plant the cuttings vertically, with three quarters of their length underground. 
You can plant them 2 to 3 inches apart in sand or dirt. 
It is better to plant them in a cooler area of the garden, and avoid direct sun on them.  Keeping them cool is important to prevent early budding.  They have a slight tendency to start growing leaves before the roots are developed, which cause later failure.  

Once they are planted, the soil mixture in which they are should not be allowed to dry up completely, but shouldn't be kept too soggy.

Don't move them until the following fall.  By then they will have developed a reasonably sturdy root system, and they are ready to be planted at their final destination.

Fig tree are another type of easy cutting.  It is always exciting to see the new leaves unfolding on your cuttings.

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